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Emergency Maintenance

# 1-844-813-3677

Please only call for emergencies such as fire, flooding, front door lockout, no water,
no AC when outside temperature is above 90 degrees, no heat when inside temperature is below 55 degrees.

Community Relations Officers

# 1-269-267-7785

Please call when you may need assistance during the evening & overnight hours. If you wish to report anything anonymously, please feel free to email the Community Relations Officers.

Map & Visitor Parking
Below is a map of The Paddock including the visitor parking spaces. Any vehicle that does not have a valid Paddock Parking Pass is required to park in visitor parking or will be subject to being towed at owners expense. When parking in visitor parking spaces ALWAYS park in between the visitor parking signs along with the spot having a "V" or "Visitors" printed on it. The Paddock Leasing Office parking lot is treated as visitor parking between the hours of 7pm-8am. Any visitors parked not in those time frames are subject to tow. The Paddock works with a 3rd party company and is not responsible for towing. Any towing questions or concerns should be directed to Grahams Towing where they can be reached at this number #1-269-329-4869

Map with Visitor Parking 10-31-1.png
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